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Welcome to the YFiler Haplotype Database


User Directions:

  • Click the Genotyper file format or GeneMapper File Format radio button.
  • Enter the full path and file name or click Browse… to locate and select the file to upload.
  • NOTICE: In GeneMapper® ID-X Software and GeneMapper® ID Software there is an issue where the loci may not be ordered properly in the exported file used for upload of the batch profiles for search. This could lead to unexpected results when uploading the file to the website. Please confirm that the loci are listed in the correct order in the batch files generated for upload and that the results display after upload corresponds to the expected GeneMapper® electropherogram results.

See our File Upload Format Instructions for complete details about uploadable file formats.

Here are some directions for uploading.
Genotyper File Format
GeneMapper File Format